While most homeowners resort to cleaning their own house, commercial and industrial workplace managers usually call upon commercial cleaning services. The obvious difference appears when comparing the size of the cleaning area – but that’s only a start.

In this article, we compare 5 other major differences between residential and commercial cleaning services.

Variety of cleaning methods and expertise required

Most cleaning methods when cleaning a home are common knowledge that we’ve grown up with. Whether it’s dusting, vacuuming, wiping surfaces, emptying bins, or likewise, most people know the basics. When it comes to commercial cleaning jobs however, many areas and cleaning methods are unfamiliar to the average joe.

For example, residential cleaners can take their time to meticulously clean a certain spot, whilst commercial cleaners are required to cover a large area in a similar time frame. This doesn’t mean the cleaning quality is reduced, rather, commercial cleaners are experts at managing their time to improve efficiency and achieve objectives.

Unlike residential cleaners, commercial cleaners are often required to complete heavy-duty tasks including cleaning warehouses, large public bathrooms, long flights of stairs, and areas situated at great heights. In some cases, cleaners need to manage and remove hazardous waste products too.

It’s crucial for employers to hire a quality commercial cleaning service as their employees expect a safe workplace. The commercial cleaning company may have a direct impact on staff motivation and satisfaction within their client’s business.

Not to mention, a commercial or industrial workplace requires a greater variety of cleaning tools and machines. Staff at commercial cleaning companies will have experience with heavy-duty cleaning equipment, which we look at next.

Specialised cleaning equipment

Residential cleaners can get most their cleaning gear for a low price at a supermarket. The everyday mop, broom, cloth wipes, and cleaning spray will usually suffice in the home.

On the other hand, commercial cleaning services often require specialised tools and equipment to cover a variety of areas. They frequently use industrial strength sanitisers, premium steam cleaners, backpack vacuum cleaners, motorised carpet extractors, high-pressure washers, floor polishers, and much more!

ALLCLEAN’s commercial and industrial cleaning teams have access to and experience with a range of advanced cleaning equipment.

Cleaning service certifications and insurance

Though cleaning certifications can benefit a residential cleaning business, most of their work is simply to provide a convenience to homeowners who don’t have time to clean their own house. In the commercial and industrial cleaning industries, there’s a higher benchmark to achieve. Workplaces must legally maintain a level of Occupational Health and Safety. For this reason, all reputable commercial cleaning services should have Safety and Environmental Management systems with recognised accreditations. See ALLCLEAN’s safety and environmental accreditations and industry recognition here.

Furthermore, commercial cleaning companies will have insurance to cover any rare mishaps when completing a job. Most independent residential cleaners won’t even go there.

Time of cleaning service

Residential cleaning services usually work during the day, either while the homeowner is present or while they’re at work. Most homeowners wouldn’t want a cleaning company working around their dinner and bedtime.

In comparison, commercial cleaning services generally operate in the evenings, early morning, or weekends when staff aren’t around. This depends entirely on the commercial industry and their line of work. For example, cleaning may be done during the day at an industrial site, secure site, or an accommodation venue that have unique requirements.

When arranging a site visit and free quote, an ALLCLEAN representative will arrange in consultation with the client, the ideal time to clean your premises. We have multiple teams that are flexible and can service at a time that suits any business.

Residential vs Commercial cleaning service team sizes

Speaking of teams, a key difference between residential and commercial cleaning companies is the number of staff at a site. Most residential properties can rely on one or two cleaners to clean a whole house in a matter of hours. Whereas successful commercial cleaning companies will employ multiple teams of cleaners, each led by a contract manager. The benefit of this is a team can quickly move from one office or warehouse to another and cover every objective in a condensed timeframe.

ALLCLEAN Property Services Plus employs hundreds of cleaners over multiple teams and are always looking to expand and create new teams. If you or someone you know is interested in joining a commercial and industrial cleaning team, check out our employment page.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Perth

There are many other differences between residential and commercial cleaning services, and every commercial cleaning company is different to each other. What sets ALLCLEAN apart is our family-based values and quality service on every worksite.

If you’re ready to experience the ALLCLEAN difference, contact us today for a free quote.