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Flexible Contract Cleaning Options for Multiple Industries

Aside from our excellent services for industrial sites and offices, ALLclean has a flexible range of services available for numerous industries. Our contract cleaning services can simplify your business. Reduce the stress and cost of coordinating in-house cleaners and managing equipment and stock with ALLclean’s affordable services.

Industrial Cleaning
Office Cleaning

Aged Care/Health

Medical and aged care facilities are specialised industries, which require a high attention to detail, specific techniques and clinical grade equipment. ALLclean’s staff have received extensive training to comply with strict industry-specific regulations in hygiene practices, infection control and risk identification. We can develop a contract based on your size and requirements, whether you’re a major hospital or a smaller clinic or surgery.


Presenting a fresh, appealing venue is an essential aspect in attracting and retaining customers for the hospitality industry. ALLclean ensures your hotel, restaurant or other venue maintains a pleasant environment for your visitors, as well as maintaining high standards of cleanliness in food preparation areas. Our services include both front and back of house, as well as kitchens, restaurants and offices. We tailor services to your requirements, and along with our Rapid Response Team, your staff are able to focus on the important task of providing excellent service to your customers.

Retail & Shopping Centre Cleaning

Maintaining a clean and safe environment for both customers and staff is essential for the ongoing success of your retail management. ALLclean’s shopping centre cleaning services can cover main thoroughfares, individual shops, toilets and management offices and our well-equipped team have the capabilities to clean exteriors such as carparks and windows. Our Rapid Response Team is ready to address any emergencies which may arise, ensuring any risks to staff and the public are minimised and your centre is ready for trade.

University, TAFE & School Cleaning

A clean and well cared for space provides a pleasant and supportive environment for teaching and learning. We can tailor our services to provide both general school cleaning as well as detailed cleaning of offices, communal areas and facilities such as school halls and gyms. ALLclean can coordinate with your current in-house cleaners and provide services for both interior and exterior areas.

Contract Cleaning Services

Recreational/Sporting Venues

Coordinating a clean-up during and after an event can take considerable planning. ALLclean’s flexible and responsive team can provide a fast service with minimal intrusion to your staff and patrons during and after an event. We are always ready to prepare your venue for the next sporting event, convention or concert.

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ALLclean has extensive capabilities, infrastructure and training to service your workplace and can develop a contract based on your requirements. We match your scope with the frequency you require for a competitively priced package. We select the best staff to match your industry and requirements.

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