Commercial Carpet maintenance – Reasons to Deep Cleaning Your Carpets

Commercial Carpet maintenance – Reasons to Deep Cleaning Your Carpets

How ‘Deep Cleaning’ can extend commercial carpet life by up to 40%

DiagramOffice carpet and public areas carpet is subject to some of the highest traffic loadings imaginable. Add to that spot’ wear areas created by concentrated grouping of work stations and entry points.Presentation too suffers as the carpet wears,particularly in foyers and large open spaces.

What is not generally understood that carpet wears from the bottom up, not form the top down. It’s the ground-in grit and dust that literally cut the individual carpet fibres off at the base, causing thinning and spotting.

Preservation VS Replacement

Without regular ‘deep-cleaning’ to remove the embedded abrasive particles, carpets, even the toughest commercial brands, can wear prematurely. Your capital costs increase. Removal and installation disrupt operations…and your bottom line takes an unnecessary, premature hit.

The Options

Just vacuuming a carpet regularly is not enough to preserve your costly asset. ‘Surface vacuuming’ is exactly that. Only the surface and a few millimetres of the top of the fibres are cleaned of particles.

The only ways to get down into the pile and the embedded material is by either beating with a roller vac brush or powerhead or hot water extraction or ‘steam cleaning’.

The ideal cycle is for every surface vacuum, say twice a week, every 6 weeks, the carpet should be roller-vacced. Then, subject to traffic loads and the look of the carpet, a hot water extraction every 4- 6 months will ensure maximum preservation and life extension of your valuable asset.

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