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Find Out More About Our Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

Every workplace has unique requirements of their cleaning services company. However, we often come across commonly asked questions regarding our services. Read answers to our most frequent questions below, or for more information, contact us on (08) 9354 1929 or send an online enquiry.

1. Do I have to sign a 12 month contract?

Yes. We require a 12 month contract to be signed and a purchase order to be provided to secure our cleaning services. The contract includes a one month termination clause, which can be exercised by either party.

2. Can I increase the areas I want cleaned as required?

We are flexible to your business requirements and know these can change over time. You may wish to increase frequency, or amend the scope of works.

3. Is it cheaper to combine services such as cleaning and bathroom consumables?

Depending on the amounts you are ordering, it is comparable to the price you pay if you are ordering smaller orders, and is more convenient for you.

4. If I sign a contract with your company, can I keep my current cleaner?

Yes! We would interview your staff upon successful confirmation, and induct them into our system.

5. How available to me are your supervisors?

You will receive a monthly visit and our supervisors are available to discuss any aspect of your cleaning services and contract via mobile or email.

6. I am having problems with my current cleaner. What should I do?

Contact your current cleaning services provider and discuss the scope of works and any concerns you may have. Have they got enough time to carry out the requirements of the scope properly? If not, give them a little longer and judge the result.

7. Why do people change cleaners?

There can be several reasons why a business may change cleaners. Often it can be price, unhappy with the service provided or moving premises.

8. How do I release my current contractor, should I decide to work with ALLclean?

Provide your cleaning contractor one months’ notice so they have time to notify their staff. Then simply sign our contract and send it back. We set up straight away, focusing on your start date so your business doesn’t miss a clean.

FAQs About Commercial Cleaning Services

9. How do you control your quality?

Every month an Area Manager visits you with a contact sheet on their tablet, and discusses your thoughts on our service. They will also:

  • Identify 3 improvements they can see
  • Check our equipment for safety
  • Check tagging dates for electrical equipment
  • Assess the site for new or potential hazards
  • Check the cleaners store room for MDS and JSA completion
  • Check the communications book to see that your requests have been fully met.
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