Hospital Environmental Cleaning Standards

Cleaning is cleaning, right? Well, not necessarily and definitely not in the case of medical facilities. Hospitals and clinics are essential for providing patients with the care that they need, and this can only be done if these facilities are clean and sterile. That’s where ALLclean comes in.

Each of our capable team members goes through extensive training to provide the best environmental cleaning services to a range of healthcare facilities in Perth. Based on this, you can rest assured that infection will be prevented as much as possible, as each surface and piece of equipment will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and sterilised by our trained professionals.

We know that hospital environmental cleaning standards are much higher than in any other industry. You can put your mind at ease in this regard as we are an AS/NZS4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System accredited company.

Our medical grade cleaners have plenty of experience in the industry, and are well aware of the fact that facility cleaning is more in depth than say, office or home cleaning. For one, the cleaning agents used in hospitals are completely different, as is the actual cleaning equipment. In addition, our team undergoes ongoing training to ensure that they’re kept up to date with the latest requirements in the medical cleaning industry.

As a healthcare professional, it is likely that you may be a bit apprehensive about outsourcing your cleaning requirements but with us, but there is no need to worry. Our staff are well trained, and our rates are affordable. We can also customise our services based on the needs of your healthcare facility.

ALLclean strictly adheres to our country’s cleaning standards in healthcare, which can clearly be seen in our professional approach. Have a look at why we’re the best and most capable company in Perth for the job of getting your medical facility clean and disinfected.

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