When staff are surrounded by mess and things are unpredictably hard to find, it takes a toll, both in lost time and mental energy. Research has consistently found that cluttered and disorganised spaces decrease employees’ ability to focus, increase stress and frustration, and create persistent low-level tension in the office environment.

This means that keeping your office space clean should be a top priority – not just for appearances, but for your employees’ health and productivity. But there comes a point when trying to tackle tidying and cleaning tasks on your own is no longer the best approach.

How do you know if you’ve reached that point?

Well, if you can relate to any of the following scenarios, it might be time to hire professional office cleaners.

1. The Dust Bunnies Are Multiplying

Letting dust accumulate on surfaces, especially to a point where it’s clearly visible, doesn’t just look unprofessional – it also signals that there’s a greater issue with your cleaning procedures company-wide.

When specks and grime are apparent on most surfaces, including light switch plates, air vents, and baseboards, it means regular vacuuming, wiping, and dusting either isn’t being carried out or is being done poorly. At this stage, you may notice your staff start complaining about stuffy air quality or flare-ups in their allergy issues from the dust particles. This basic dirtiness spreading through the workspace can also make the office a less pleasant space to work in, so you may see productivity decrease.

So, if you see dust accumulating in the office, it should be your #1 visual indicator that commercial cleaners should be called, both for deep cleaning and to improve your cleaning routines moving forward.

2. It’s Impacting Employee Health

Do you notice certain employees calling in sick more often? Or that if one person gets a cold or flu, so does the rest of the office?

This is an issue that the COVID pandemic really brought to the public’s attention. While it’s true that germs will spread regardless, dirty conditions are much more likely to promote the spread of all sorts of illnesses.

When dirt and grime are allowed to build up on surfaces like kitchen counters, bathroom tiles, and stair railings over time, it leads to unhygienic conditions that are unpleasant at best, and potentially dangerous at worst. These dirty surfaces are the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Whether it’s touching dirty counters then rubbing their eyes, breathing in dust in the air, or picking up germs left on shared office equipment, unhygienic office conditions make sickness hard for workers to avoid. If they build up enough, thick layers of dirt and contaminants can also pose slipping hazards on key walkways and high-traffic areas.

While COVID may not be as prominent once was, safeguarding the health and safety of the office workers is still of the utmost importance.

Office cleaners can routinely tidy these areas and use industrial mops/scrubbers along with disinfectants to prevent the buildup of grime and bacteria alike.

Investing in commercial cleaning professionals to regularly come in to clean and sanitise your office leads to dramatically higher workplace wellness and safety. Air quality and surface cleanness also remain higher between scheduled visits.


3. Odors Are Out of Control

Bad smells coming from the washrooms, pantries, trash and recycling area, or staff fridges, are discomforts your staff can only realistically do so much about. After all, you didn’t hire them to deep clean the bins.

In some cases, we’re also talking about that lingering unpleasantness that hits you when you walk in the door or a smell that seems to cling to a certain space.

Commercial cleaners have industrial-strength cleaning products and tools specifically designed for tackling commercial cleaning jobs, including tackling lingering bad smells.

Reach out to your local commercial office cleaners to eliminate those odour issues once and for all.


4. You’ve Got Unwelcome Visitors

Sightings of rats, cockroaches, drain flies, pantry moths, or ants can be extremely unpleasant, especially if you see these pests in areas that are used for preparing food. Unfortunately, their presence can be a sign that your office cleaning habits are not cutting it.

Commercial office cleaning services can assess pest problem areas, eliminate immediate issues, and work with you to devise preventative measures moving forward. They also know which eco-friendly cleaning products work best at deterring or eliminating a wide range of unwelcome visitors.


The Final Straw

Maybe you’re preparing to welcome a special guest at the office or planning a team celebration. Sometimes, it can take a specific event to make a company realise they need to call in the cavalry – professional office cleaners, that is.

However, if you notice your office is experiencing any combination of the scenarios we’ve looked at in this article, you should take that as your sign that you shouldn’t wait for a special occasion to hire commercial office cleaners.

Whether it’s dusting office furniture, vacuuming and mopping floors, emptying bins, or a full bathroom and kitchen scrub-down, hiring professional help means that your team can put their best face forward every day.

At ALLCLEAN, we’ve been cleaning Perth offices for 50+ years and understand just how important it is to have a clean office that people love stepping into. So don’t let subpar cleanliness slide day after day. A healthier, happier workspace is just a call or contact form away. Contact our team today.