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Our Commitment to Ethical Conduct Makes ALLclean a Leading Cleaning Company

Contracting a cleaning company for your workplace is an important decision. Often a decision is made based on price, only to find the hassle of unreliable and poorly trained staff creates long term difficulties and increased cost. ALLclean not only offers a competitive price, but a strong commitment to providing superior customer service, personalised for each of our clients and their industry.

Rapid Response

An important facet of our commitment to customer service is the ALLclean Rapid Response Team (RRT). Our mobile service is organised through our unique GPS tracking and dispatch system. The RRT is available 24 hours, 7 days a week and will respond urgently to any workplace emergencies or difficulties requiring clean up.

For example, the RRT recently attended a smashed bank window, which needed to be cleared immediately for staff and customer safety. We were able to attend the branch within 7 minutes of receiving the call.

Personalised Service

We are a cleaning company with a proactive approach to service. Our cleaners go beyond standard requirements, assisting you and your staff to maintain a clean and safe workplace. For example, our cleaners have:

  • Alerted clients when money has been left out on desks
  • Waited back when security systems have failed
  • Alerted management and awaiting police presence after a break-in

Each client receives an Area Manager, who provides a single point of contact and will conduct regular inspections onsite and identify any improvements. They are also available via phone should you ever have any questions or issues to raise. If an emergency arises, they coordinate our RRT to attend your site for an emergency clean.

We pride ourselves on personal service and we’re pleased to say that after more than 40 years in business, our friendly customer first ethic permeates our entire cleaning company. ALLclean cleaners will always call you by your name and our superior service is evidenced by the outstanding loyalty shown by our clients.

Conduct and Ethics

Commitment to Staff

Most importantly, we are totally committed to keeping our staff, together with your staff and customers, safe and secure at all times. All our staff are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, have police clearances and wear uniforms complete with photo identification. Fundamental to ALLclean’s staff training programme is the philosophy that our customers’ satisfaction is integral to our ongoing success.

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