We are a professional, family-owned commercial cleaning business with a strong sense of community.


Our Team Members

Tony Russel – Managing Director

45 years of Industry experience, specializing in public speaking, decision making, tendering, financial management, and is an active contributor to the cleaning industry for the last 30 years, Tony is known for being the “gentleman of the industry” and is highly thought of for his good judgment, integrity, honesty and genuine interest in his staff, their families and our clients.


Jan Rose – General Manager

42 years of Industry Experience, specializing in Industrial Relations, Human Resources, Tendering, Strategic Planning, and Contract Management.


Mark Mendez – Operations and Client Services Manager

20 years of Industry Experience, specializes in Contract Start-up,Quoting, large-scale events, medical cleaning, confirmed Covid-19 cleaning, Bio-Hazard cleaning, special projects, and periodical cleaning.


Lee Petersen – Sales Development Representative

Lee has joined ALLCLEAN with a strong background in sales, specializing in hygiene services for the last decade.

Veronica Tatar – Senior Contract Manager

20 years of industry experience, specializing in long-term customer relationship management, large commercial premises, industrial laundries, inner-city buildings, heritage-listed cleaning management, periodicals, staff rostering, tendering and quoting complex excel spreadsheet production, and analysis.

Michelle (Shelly) O’Brien – Business Manager

14 years of Industry Experience, specializing in Customer Service, Tendering, Salesforce and Administration Management.


Lovish Kissoon – Contract Manager

7 years of industry experience, specializing in complex scheduling of works and all facets of commercial and periodical cleaning.


Nicole O’Neill – Contract Manager

9 years industry experience specialising in industrial and office cleaning, periodicals, touch point cleaning, relationship building and rostering.

Rajiv Kowlessur – Contract Manager

11 years industry experience specialising in contract start-up, commercial, education facilities, medical, and shopping centre cleaning, Covid-19 and bio-hazard cleaning, periodical cleaning, staff rostering, administration, tendering, client liaison and Xcel.

Chelsea Simpson – Reception

7-year Industry Experience, specializing in Customer Service, Customer Enquiries and Administration Support Services.


Colin Eggleston – Safety Manager

1-year Industry Experience, specializing in Incident Response, WHS Policy, Accreditation Sustainability, Procedural development and Implementation, Training, and Compliance.


Dianne Lawrence – Payroll Administration

11 years of Industry Experience, specializing in Award Interpretation, Attaché, Excel, Payroll, and Recruitment.


Aki Emami – Payroll & Accounts Clerk

Aki has a Masters degree in Physics and a Diploma in Accounting and was the Finance Manager for a corporation in Ahvaz  for 12 years. Aki moved to Australia in 2021 and commenced with ALLCLEAN shortly after.


Karissa Blight – Contract Manager

10 years of Industry Experience, specializing in student accommodation, medical cleaning, and school cleaning.


Leearna Rodden – Finance Office – Bookkeeper

Leearna has been involved in all facets of Account functions for the last 10 years, specializing in E.O.M. preparation, transactional accounting and customer queries.


At ALLCLEAN we are a diverse team of hard working individuals: 80% of employees have children, 23% of office employees are born outside of Australia, 1 of 3 C-suite roles is held by a women and 70% of employees in senior positions are women.


ALLCLEAN is a great family business with strong values second to none. My work is always acknowledged and appreciated.


— Mark Mendez, Operations Manager

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How it all started…

Murray and Deirdre Russell commenced in the cleaning industry with their partner Brian Mclean, a close family friend. The business name was Southern Cleaning Services. Two years later in 1973 when Brian retired, half of the business was sold to a competitor while Murray and Deirdre registered the name ALLCLEAN Services. In 2003 Murray’s son Tony and his wife Rhonda purchased ALLCLEAN to facilitate Murray and Deirdre’s retirement. The business name was changed to ALLCLEAN Property Services Plus to reflect the fact they were no longer exclusively providing cleaning services.

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