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Schools accommodate a large number of students making them a playground for germs. Keep learners safe and healthy by investing in regular school cleaning services in Perth. A clean and well-cared for space provides a pleasant and supportive environment for teaching and learning.

ALLclean Property Services Plus can tailor our services to provide general school cleaning as well as detailed communal areas and facilities such as school halls and gyms. We can employ your current in-house cleaners and provide services for both interior and exterior areas. Contact us today for an obligation-free quote.

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Maintain a Clean School

A school is a place where learners spend a large amount of their time and it’s safe to say, it’s a place where they’ll adopt certain habits. Having a clean environment sets a good example for students to follow. There are many advantages when you have a clean environment.

Better Learning

A clean school environment enhances the atmosphere for the better. In this instance, a clean and well-organised classroom lifts everyone’s spirit. A freshly clean and spacious atmosphere can create a positive learning atmosphere.


Employing regular school cleaners will contribute towards health and safety compliance. Students and teachers spend a lot of the time in classrooms, which are enclosed spaces, keeping them clean is important.

Why choose us?

While maintaining a clean environment is important, it is also vital to keep up with the school’s hygiene requirements. ALLclean Property Services Plus employs highly skilled, trained and experienced staff that will follow your school’s standard procedures for handling waste.

As a family owned and operated Perth cleaning company, we treat our clients with integrity, respect and a high standard of ethics. We communicate openly with our clients and understand we are entering your workspace and need to respect your school’s operation.

Our expert team will work in consultation with you to adapt our services to your business. We learn about your business and work to fit in with your operations with minimal disruption. Our friendly and approachable staff means that we are available and open to discuss any issues regarding your service. Speak to us about our personalised cleaning approach. Contact us now and receive an obligation-free quote.

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