Most people put off cleaning the family home as long as possible, which is why a career as a commercial cleaner is often overlooked and underestimated. However, if someone was paying you to clean your house – it’s more than likely going to be spotless!

On top of the pay benefit, a commercial and industrial cleaning position features several little-known benefits that prove to be an enticing job opportunity.

According to IBISWorld, the Australian commercial cleaning industry is worth over $13 billion and employment numbers in the industry have reached almost 160,000.

So why do so many people decide on this career path? Here are 5 reasons that may provide an answer.

Healthy Lifestyle

Unlike the traditional desk job, the role of a cleaner is a great source of physical activity, which provides cardiovascular exercise and in turn, increases fitness levels. For those who struggle to make the time to exercise, a role as an industrial and commercial cleaner is also an opportunity to achieve your fitness goals while making money – it’s a win-win!

Additionally, the cleaning tips and tricks that you learn will enhance your ability to maintain cleaning standards in your personal life. Especially in this current day and age where we’re arming ourselves against viral infections, the right knowledge can go a long way to ensure safety for you and your family.

Work Flexibility as a Commercial Cleaner

Every commercial and industrial business requires cleaning, and each has differing operations that would force cleaning services to adapt cleaning times to meet the needs of each client. This is beneficial to cleaners and cleaning companies as there is work to be done at a wide variety of times, so even an employee with a limited availability can work around their schedule. This flexibility allows commercial cleaners to work outside of other commitments they may have.

After work, commercial cleaners can take their mind away from everything they achieved in the day. For many workplaces, work is always lingering in the background with impending due dates or ‘homework’ to get ahead on the upcoming week.

This advantage of the cleaning profession is the key to achieving a healthy work-life balance and an increase in job satisfaction.

Utilise Specialised Tools

Cleaning an industrial warehouse or a multi-storey commercial office requires more firepower than the average feather duster. Thankfully, cleaning contractors have access to the specialised tools to get the job done with increased speed and efficiency.

These could be anything from steam cleaners, high-pressure washers, carpet extractors, floor polishers, back-strap heavy duty vacuums and industrial air blowers. These guys are tougher to handle but a lot more fun than the run-of-the-mill cleaning tools you would have used before.

The well-known household cleaning tools will still make an appearance from time to time, but the professional gear provides a welcomed upgrade to tackle the bigger workplaces.

Job Security

You never know what’s going to happen in the future, with unexpected global events impacting many industries, and employers having to stand down hard-working employees.

Commercial cleaners on the other hand, won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. There is always cleaning to do – especially now. This leaves commercial cleaners with an impressive job security, so you can start saving for that holiday whenever you’re ready!

Commercial Cleaner Career Pathways

For all the ambitious cleaners out there, you may be asking – what’s the next step to advance my career?

Working for a large industrial and commercial cleaner has many opportunities to further your career, with management positions for all arms of the business.

At ALLCLEAN Property Services, all our current Contract Managers began their journey with us on the front line and have made a long-lasting and rewarding career.

Interested in a Commercial Cleaner Position? Discover the ALLCLEAN Benefits

ALLCLEAN Property Services Plus are a professional, family-owned industrial and commercial cleaner.

We are looking to expand our highly valued team, with all the above benefits on offer, plus a great community and a strong team culture.

Other provisions included: basic training with opportunities to advance further, an Employee Assistance Program, all the equipment, uniform, and personal protective equipment.

Even if your experience is limited, apply or learn more today.