Maintaining a clean and hygienic workplace is essential not only for the comfort and well-being of employees but also to ensure a productive and pest-free environment. Pests such as rodents, insects, and other unwanted critters can not only be a nuisance but can also pose significant health and safety risks. Efficient office cleaning services play a big role in pest prevention, so here are some tips for your staff to take onboard.

How important are office cleaning services for pest prevention?

Pests can have a huge negative impact on a workplace. Whether it’s the nuisance of damaged property, the safety risk of sickness and disease, or the reputational damage and loss of staff and customers.

It’s far easier to prevent a pest invasion than it is to recover from one. Office cleaning and routine property maintenance are crucial preventative tasks for any workplace. If you suspect your workplace already has a pest problem, it’s best to hire a pest prevention service and not rely solely on cleaning.

Top office cleaning tips to avoid pests

First, we look at some office cleaning suggestions for your staff to try. Obviously, you should have regular office cleaning procedures in place, so these are an extension beyond those tasks.

Empty rubbish bins regularly

Rubbish bins are usually the first-place pests are noticed in the workplace, and for good reason. Old food remains are a breeding ground for all kinds of critters, so don’t let the rubbish build up for too long.

Clean liquid spills as soon as possible

Sticky, sugary liquids are a favourite for most insects and rodents, no matter if they’re on the floor or on a table. Likewise, water is needed for their survival, so any liquids spilt should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

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Tidy up leftover food

All pests love our leftover food. If you’re planning to go back to your meal or a snack, make sure it’s covered and secured so it stays fresh and doesn’t attract pests. For unwanted leftovers, it’s also wise to secure them before responsibly disposing of them.

Keep an eye out for areas that haven’t been cleaned

Pay close attention to areas that aren’t commonly cleaned, such as behind appliances, under sinks, near rubbish disposal units, and around water sources. Clean and sanitise these areas regularly to remove any traces of food or moisture that may attract pests.

Call on professional office cleaning services

Rather than establish a consistent cleaning schedule within the workplace, call on a professional office cleaning service such as ALLCLEAN. We present a comprehensively clean and safe work environment, reducing the risk of pests, and keeping your customers and staff happy.

Our professional office cleaning services are flexible and work around your business needs. We offer everything from rubbish disposal, supply restocking, window cleaning, and deep cleans in every room.

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Other tips to prevent pests

Below are a few important tasks to accompany the cleaning tips. Some may be covered by your commercial property manager, in which case, make sure to let them know.

Building maintenance

The condition of your building plays a role in keeping pests out or allowing them in. For example, keep an eye out for holes in walls, damaged doors, and leaking pipes, as these may provide a gateway for pests.

Maintain gardens outside the workplace

Many pests start off in the garden before deciding they prefer to reside indoors. You don’t want that, so maintain any gardens or vegetation near the building. This means removing weeds, trimming overgrown plants, and keeping it simple so there’s not a lot for pests to live with.

Assess deliveries for signs of pests

Whether your workplace receives large deliveries of stock or if its just a few packages here and there, make sure to check the load before bringing them inside. Keep an eye out for flies, cockroaches, and/or small rodent droppings.

Perth office cleaning services to prevent pests

Your first defence against pests in the workplace is a high-quality Perth cleaning service. ALLCLEAN’s custom office cleaning solutions work around the needs of your business and will ensure a quality clean every time. We use high-grade equipment, eco-friendly products, and highly skilled staff to keep your commercial building looking great for customers and your staff.

Learn more about our Perth office cleaning services and enquire for a free quote here.