You arrive at the conclusion you need a commercial cleaning contractor to take care of your workplace cleaning and alleviate some of that additional workload from yourself and your employees.

To ensure you get the absolute most value out of your Perth cleaning company there’s a host of things you can do to make sure you’re maximising every moment they spend at your workplace.

6 ways to help your commercial cleaning contractor

Provide Specific Instructions

Before commencing communicate any specific instructions with your commercial cleaning contractor and make sure they are aware of all the areas that require cleaning. Generally, your cleaner will have a pretty good idea but communicating these clearly from the onset will ensure both parties are satisfied with the result, every time your cleaner visits.

At ALLCLEAN we work very closely with our clients and help create personalised packages that reflect the specific requirements of every workplace. This includes everything even non-conventional cleaning tasks such as supply re-stocking, post-party or emergency office cleaning.

By working hand in hand with your cleaning company to provide specific instructions you’re guaranteeing they are equipped to deliver a fantastic job every time.


Remove Clutter and Tidy

A little bit of tidying can go a long way. Try removing clutter from your workbench, desk, or kitchen to ensure your cleaner can access all the areas of your workplace that need cleaning effectively and efficiently. Where possible free up floor space and remove any other objects that may free up floor space.

Often your Perth cleaning company won’t be authorised to move computers and other workplace equipment so doing this for them will help them get to the areas that are often forgotten about, it will also grant them more time to get to other areas of the office that need tending to.


Warn Your Cleaners

If there have been changes or an accident in your workplace give your scheduled cleaning company a heads up about what to expect.

Doing so will make sure your cleaner knows what to expect on arrival it will also ensure that they come to your premises with all the correct tools to complete the job correctly and efficiently.

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Always make sure you notify your commercial cleaning contractor about any upcoming holidays or periods employees will be away from the office. If your cleaning company is aware of this, they can reschedule your regular cleans and help you facilitate a smooth transition back to the office such as making sure everything is perfect for your arrival back.

If they aren’t going to be required to complete their regular clean perhaps you can designate alternative tasks that have been completed by office personnel up until this stage. These might include ensuring plants are watered or more labour-intensive operations that have been put off such as ceiling cleaning.


Schedule Cleaning Before or After Operating Hours

Quite simply the less interruption your cleaning company faces the more effectively they can clean your premises. Scheduling your regular cleaning before or after trading hours is the easiest way to guarantee this.

Doing so means your cleaners can work productively and your workplace won’t experience distractions and can get on with what they need to.

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Saying Thank You

Last and not least say thank you! Showing appreciation for your Perth commercial cleaning contractor goes a long way.

Let your cleaners know they are doing a great job when they are, the same way you would tell them when they aren’t. Keeping your cleaners feeling appreciated is a sure way to maintain the highest standards in your workplace all year-round.

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At ALLCLEAN Property Services Plus we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality cleaning services across a host of premises including schools, offices, medical facilities, warehouses, and boats to name a few. Our friendly staff work hard to make sure employees have an environment they enjoy coming to every day. Having cleaned commercial premises for over 45 years you can trust ALLCLEAN to go the extra mile to provide a hygienic and clean workplace time and time again. Contact us today for an obligation free quote for office cleaning services.