We all notice bad cleaning jobs. When areas of the office, school, hospital or any other commercial property are not clean, people may start believing that you don’t value their health and safety.

Commercial cleaning services encompass everything from medical cleaning, school cleaning, and industrial cleaning. There are clear benefits of hiring a professional for your commercial cleaning services. A company that operates with consistency, reliability, and good communication can be hard to find.


Is your company cleaner letting you down?

There are many advantages cleaning can provide to your business. Some examples are a healthier work environment and providing a good first impression.

Has your company cleaner provided you with a tailored work program including quality checks? Have they delivered consistently and above expectations?

If not, watch out for these warning signs:


Your company cleaner is tearing through their sick days

If there has been a flu outbreak, office cleaners may not be to blame. However, if your cleaners keep getting sick repeatedly, then you may need to explore your options.

It is a sure sign of trouble when you never know who is going to show up to clean your property. A constant stream of unfamiliar faces may seem very unsettling for your customers, and it can be a security issue. Choose contract cleaning services that are reliable and follow strict security procedures.


Your company cleaner is rude and disrespectful

The most professional contract cleaners respect your business operations and employees and always work in consultation with you to adapt cleaning services to your workplace ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. Whether you are looking for contract cleaning services for your office, school or medical practice, make sure your cleaners treat your clients with integrity, respect, and a high standard of ethics.


Your facility is simply dirty and common areas are consistently missed

contract office cleaning

No matter the size of your cleaning project, the quality of your company cleaners, equipment, and systems guarantees the highest attention to detail and efficiency on every clean.

Make sure you receive tailored contract cleaning services to provide both general cleaning as well as detailed cleaning of communal areas and facilities such as school halls and gyms.

For example, ALLCLEAN can coordinate with your current in-house cleaners and provide services for both interior and exterior areas.


Your cleaning company has a set and forget service culture

Inconsistency is an issue that sits with the cleaning company and is often reflective of poor leadership, inefficient processes, and insufficient training. If you are getting an inconsistent service, you might not be getting what you paid for.

Mistakes happen, issues arise. If the cleaning company does not respond immediately to correct their mistake, there is a problem. If they commit to informing you they will take care of the issue and never do, there is a problem too.

The company in good faith should check in with you to ensure the issue is addressed to your satisfaction. A lack of responsiveness is a given indicator. If communication is broken or absent, and you have attempted to resolve the barrier, it is time to seek a new cleaning company.


Your cleaning agreement is vague

Do you know how many times a day/week your premises are cleaned? Do you know if your cleaners routinely wipe down door handles, keyboards and light switches? Does your agreement include moving the furniture to vacuum the floor underneath?

If you have never looked at the nitty-gritty details, you will have no idea what to expect from your contractor (let alone if they’re delivering on it!).


You do not know if your contract cleaners will respond to emergency

A top-notch professional cleaning company will respond to all emergencies before they come to your attention. Our Rapid Response Team at ALLCLEAN is always ready to address any emergencies which may arise. This ensures any risks to staff and the public are minimised, and that your centre is ready for trade.

Are you still wondering how to get the most out of your cleaning company? Let your cleaners know they are doing a great job when they are, the same way you would tell them when they aren’t.


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The cleanliness of your commercial premises helps shape your company’s brand image and reputation. Hiring a professional company cleaner to fulfill your cleaning requirements frequently will help ensure your company looks and feels the best. At ALLCLEAN we offer a flexible range of contract cleaning services including

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