As your company grows and expands you gradually find less time to dedicate to cleaning and maintaining your office. Sure, you can ask your employees to clean up after themselves and keep designated areas tidy but much more than that requires time away from their busy schedules.

Offices should be organised and hygienic places where employees can focus on getting their work done and one way to ensure this is to hire a professional office cleaning company.

Here are some of the advantages an office cleaning company can provide to your business.

Healthier Work Environment

Office’s are breeding grounds for germs, allergens, and bacteria. As such computer keyboards, desks, printers, and chairs all require regular cleaning in order to reduce the risks associated with the germs, bacteria, and allergens in your workplace. In fact, since 2010 the absenteeism rate in Australia increased 7% while as much as 5% of the Australian workforce calls in sick on any given day. This is reflective of just how prevalent sickness is in our workplaces today.

A clean working environment will help improve the general health of your workforce and help reduce the chance of sick days. Poor hygiene in a workplace will help colds, the flu and viruses spread faster to multiple employees consequently causing a loss in productivity for your organisation.

The likelihood of something like this happening is vastly decreased when you opt to hire an office cleaning company.

Good First Impressions

It’s true, you’ll never have a second chance to create a good first impression. Customers and clients at one stage or another will visit your office and judge you based on the presentation of your office. A sparkling clean office will say all the right things whereas a dusty, dirty premises will say all the wrong things.

Having an office professionally cleaned will ensure your visitors feel welcome and comfortable in your office which will, in turn, generate confidence in your services. A good professional office cleaning company will go the extra mile to ensure even the most discerning eye is satisfied with what they see.


As we already touched on maintaining a clean office takes time, time that you and your workforce can’t necessarily afford to spend cleaning.

Hiring a professional cleaning company will alleviate the stress associated with keeping your workplace clean and hygienic which means you’ll have more time to get on with the important stuff.

ALLCLEAN specialise in custom office cleaning services too which means we can work around your operating hours and tailor a package depending on your requirements which means all your bases are covered.

Get the Job Done Right, the First Time

It’s important for employee wellbeing, productivity, and self-esteem that they arrive every day to a clean working environment. Frequent office cleaning conducted by a professional service provider will ensure a high standard of cleanliness in your workplace.

Trying to juggle cleaning duties between your staff and a company may save you money but the inconsistencies in cleaning habits will create shortfalls. When you work with a professional office cleaning service provider with years of experience you can rest easy knowing that a high standard is always being adjourned to day-in, day-out.

Want to present a clean, fresh and pleasant environment for your staff and clients that will simultaneously encourage productivity? Get in touch with ALLCLEAN Property Services Plus today.

We’ve been cleaning offices in Perth for 45 years and understand the value in clean working environments for your staff and clients. As a family-owned and operated commercial cleaning provider we’re committed to creating spotless workplaces for your employees to thrive in and our custom packages can be tailor-made to suit a variety of requirements. Contact our friendly team today to find out more.