Cleaner facilities say all the right things about your business and tend to be more productive, safer, and organised. Maintaining a clean and organised industrial site can be hard work and is not without its’ challenges, however, the rewards are truly worth it. To help you clean a warehouse or production site, you’ll need to consider a few things.

Here are 4 cost-effective suggestions to clean a warehouse and maintain a safe industrial working environment.


Clean Warehouse Dust

Dust can be a major problem in factories and warehouses. Dust tends to accumulate with the constant use and operation of machinery, coupled with inflow from the outdoors and use of cardboard boxes and wooden pallets.

Small amounts of dust are relatively not threatening. When dust builds up however it can pose a serious hazard to employees reducing the air quality. It can also impair the functioning of industrial machinery and become a fire hazard.

The most effective way to keep dust at bay is by utilising exhaust and air ventilation systems. Heavy-duty vacuum cleaners also do a great job at picking up dust.

Lastly keeping your factory free from dust sources like cardboard and concrete can also be effective although this might prove tricky since they are popular materials in any industrial site.


Training Factory Staff

Factories unlike offices can tend to involve more intensive cleaning practices. With that in mind, your staff members should be equipped with some basic knowledge around operating cleaning equipment, cleaning practices and general organisation.

Providing seminars and workshops as part of the onboarding process that demonstrate the importance of a clean and orderly workspace can encourage employees to be more diligent during their time at work.



Purchasing Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

If your employees are expected to perform some routine cleaning practices, it is a good idea to have equipment and materials available on site.

Brooms, mops, brushes, dustpans, and disinfectant sprays are all generally inexpensive to purchase and are sufficient for routine cleaning practices. Having simple equipment like this always available means there is no excuse for employees not to stay on top of their responsibilities.

If you are considering purchasing all this equipment you might consider buying in bulk to try minimising your expenses. Being a factory, storage should not be an issue.



Hire an Industrial Cleaning Company

While your employees might be able to look after some routine cleaning, hiring a professional and dedicated industrial cleaning company can be a cost-effective means to make sure your offices, lunchrooms, changerooms, control rooms etc are maintained to the highest standards all year round.

Industrial cleaners can be scheduled during times and days that work with and or around your usual operating hours and can be set up on a frequent or semi-frequent basis dependant on your individual needs.

Warehouses, factories, production areas, mine sites and other large industrial locations bring a unique set of cleaning challenges when compared to office environments. Professional industrial cleaning providers like ALLCLEAN, however, are equipped with the skills and expertise to navigate whatever challenges may occur on your premises.

If you would like to elevate standards at your facility, simply contact ALLCLEAN today for your obligation free quote. Our highly qualified team of staff take great pride in providing affordable and comprehensive industrial cleaning services with friendly, trustworthy, competent customer service.