Have you got an office bathroom area that is continually used and never seems clean? We can help eliminate odours and make the smell disappear by removing sources of odour causing bacteria through professional descaling of urinal drains and surrounds by: 

  • Sharing our extensive experience/knowledge in urinal management, including waterless urinals and flushing urinals.
  • Making your workplace a more attractive and hygienic place to be for your employees, your customers and visitors, creating the standard of hygiene that should be provided.
  • Enhancing your regular cleaning and compliment your regular cleaner’s hard work.
  • Identifying odour source and remove it, much better than masking it or covering it up.
  • Providing biological solutions for ongoing urinal management.
  • Descaling, waterless urinal internal components, providing servicing advice and replacement parts.
  • Scheduling descaling of urinal surrounds, inside the drains and the rose/caps.
  • Don’t ignore the issues, contact ALLCLEAN for professional advice.

Office bathrooms need to be regularly cleaned to prevent the build-up of bacteria and infectious and transferrable diseases. Cleaning your toilet facility on a regular basis is usually the best defence against bacteria that may be lurking and helps ensure good hygiene at work.

If you’re having trouble staying on top of your office bathroom cleaning or would rather leave it to the professionals get in touch with ALLCLEAN today. Having cleaned offices in Perth for nearly 50 years our team is flexible to work around your business hours and individual requirements.

Site visits are available for the best advice. Contact Lee Petersen for more information 0893541929