What makes ALLCLEAN different from your current cleaning contractor? Is it our skillset, our experience, our people, and the fact that we are a large family-owned business operating in Perth for 50 years? Or perhaps it is our passion and commitment?

We think it could be when we say we are experienced in cleaning Health, Education, Commercial, Industrial, Mining, Private Sector, Construction or Maritime we are not just saying it, we mean it!

June 2021, the start of another busy week in a new month for our crews around Perth, so let’s take a quick peek into one week of Maritime cleaning – our cleaners are working daily at a large Marine base in the south of Perth, support buildings such as crib rooms, change rooms, offices, laboratories and workshops, amongst this activity ships berth for repairs, refits, and maintenance, this means all the support areas on the multiple wharves must also be cleaned, our ever-ready staff are to complete a full clean and thorough disinfection 3 times a day, 7 days a week in full PPE.

A contractor onsite has now completed a refit and the ship needs cleaning and to meet a very high standard to a tight deadline, more staff are needed, trained staff, with appropriate clearances and inductions – ALLCLEAN is again, ready to go, our cleaners may be required to clean kitchens, cabins, dining areas, pipes, fittings, overheads, showers and toilets (did you know at sea a toilet is called the head?) so yes, we clean showers and heads!

Meanwhile, at another terminal, a ship has arrived and confirmed COVID-19 onboard. ALLCLEAN know what they have to do, our highly skilled Covid cleaning team are called in, these staff are not your normal cleaners, these guys are superheroes, in full PPE, booties, coveralls, double gloved, face masks, eye protection, face shields, and hairnets armed with hospital grade disinfectant and disposable cleaning equipment ready to obliterate that virus!

Observing them very closely is our Safety Manager who escorts every team to every suspected or confirmed COVID-19 clean to ensure the integrity of every move, monitoring and recording the strict process of donning and doffing PPE, the correct disposal of all used PPE, materials, and equipment, the transfer between locations from start to completion, overseeing the secure removal of waste and issuing the certificates of completion.

Further south at a secure facility another ship is undergoing a specialist fit-out, all staff have high-level clearances, our staff is there and ready to clean their support services on the ground, offices/huts, toilets, change rooms, and crib rooms.

And that folks, is the week that was for ALLCLEAN in Maritime support cleaning services.