Ever feel like your home could do with a serious spring clean? Well, we’ve got great news for you! Our expert team of professional cleaners have collated their top 7 tricks to have your home looking fresher than ever before.


1. Preparation Is Key

As with all great things in life, preparation is essential. And this applies to cleaning as well. Rather than running back and forth to the cleaning cabinet, or multiple spaces in your home or office, grab everything you require for the job ahead before commencing.

If you hire a professional cleaner to come and clean for you, they’ll always have the right tools at their disposal, so adopt this habit when it comes to cleaning for yourself. Grab a cleaning caddy and pop it in the room or on the area you’re going to clean. This method will not only save you a great deal of time but also helps you to stay organised as you can make sure you have all cleaning products and equipment required before starting.

When it comes to preparation, having a cleaning schedule could be beneficial as well. Note down all the tasks you need to do to clean your house, then break it into sections, perhaps by room or type of task (vacuuming, dusting, etc). Plan to complete certain sections over particular days of the week or on the one day in a certain order. By having a plan, and even setting a time limit, your cleaning effectiveness can increase considerably!

juggling cleaning products

Don’t get caught in a fluster, a cleaning caddy will become your new best friend


2. Read The Instructions

Our professional cleaners are adamant about this top tip – ALWAYS read the instruction or manual before using a cleaning product or tool. Some items can be used on particular surfaces and not on others, so it’s essential to prepare yourself with the knowledge required before delving full-fledged into a cleaning task.

In addition to this, most cleaning products will need time to do their job effectively. It’s rare that you’ll be able to wipe a cleaning product onto a surface and rinse it off immediately to see the results you desire. The product will often need to sit on the surface for a certain period of time as indicated on the product, before being rinsed or wiped away.

It’s also important to let the product do it’s magic because they often have their own disinfectants. The period of time the product is left on the surface will help to kill bacteria – meaning if you don’t let it sit long enough, you aren’t getting the level of clean you require. The longer you leave some products, such as shower cleaners, the more time it has to break down grime and dirt, giving you a more satisfactory end result.

On the other end of the scale, leaving some products for too long can cause damage to surfaces. Always read the product instructions and use as directed for amazing results that keep your home in perfect condition for many years to come.


3. Choose A Direction – And Stick With It

If our professional cleaners choose to work their way from left to right or right to left, bottom to top, or top to bottom – they’ll stick to it. This technique ensures you don’t miss a spot or get confused about what you have and haven’t cleaned. It sounds simple, yet it’s extremely effective, and very easy to miss areas if you don’t adopt this technique.

Top tip: We suggest cleaning top to bottom, as dirt and dust fall in this direction. If you clean bottom to top, you may find that dust falls from the top of the surface and makes what you’re cleaning dirty again.

The ‘S Pattern’ is a popular term in the commercial cleaning world and another great way to clean. When you clean an item or surface in a circular motion, you are wiping the dirt throughout the surface and not truly cleaning anything.

Follow the S pattern by starting at the top right-hand corner, wiping to the left and zig-zagging your way down the surface. This method will change the way you clean as you’ll get zero streaks with less effort – what a win!

Next time you clean, rather than going through your home or office space in a circular motion, follow the S pattern (working from top to bottom) and see how much more efficient and effective the process is. Here are some of the advantages office cleaning can provide to your business.

dettol to clean surface

Stick with your chosen cleaning direction and be confident you haven’t missed a spot


4. Play It Safe

We encourage you to only consider industrial strength cleaning products if completely necessary. This is particularly prudent for those who have allergies or asthma. People will often go for the strongest product to clean with as they are under the notion that it will do the job quicker, but surfaces are often not as dirty as people think they are, and you could be unnecessarily impacting your health instead. Gentle products will often do the job just fine while ensuring they are safe and friendly for you and the environment.

One time when this isn’t the case is when you have a very greasy surface or for toilets when you will likely want to use a more powerful cleaning product that will get rid of a higher level of bacteria.

There are many great cleaning ranges available now that are asthma safe, chemical-free, natural, or eco-friendly. As with everything, do your research into the products and brands to make sure they suit your personal needs, as well as provide the right level of cleanliness for your home.


5. The Eye Of The Beholder

We recommend implementing the eye-level test. Crouch down to eye-level of the surface or item you are cleaning to take a look and see if anything sticks out to you. Often when you look at something from a standing position, you don’t see what’s on the surface or underneath it.

This technique will make sure the surface you are cleaning is absolutely spot-free.

eye-level surface test

The eye-level test adopted by professional cleaners will ensure you don’t miss a spot



6. Commercial Cleaning Company Gadget Hacks

Some of the trickiest areas to clean are ceiling fans and lighting fixtures. Get your hands on a bendable duster – they’re washing machine safe and fit easily in all the nooks a normal duster can’t.

If you’ve noticed a few cobwebs in the office, house or backyard, simply take a mop with a pole, turn a sock inside out, place it on the mop head, and secure it with an elastic band. It’s a great way to remove any nasty cobwebs that have piled in, rather than investing in a microfiber cloth.


7. Clean As You Go

You may recall your Mother saying this as you grew up – “If you put your clothes away, you wouldn’t have a pile to clean up!”. The same goes with anything that needs to be cleaned or put back in its original place.

Many people put off cleaning as there is too much to do – it all piles up over time and becomes an overwhelming task. Rather than leaving the dishes in the sink or letting the laundry pile up, clean it up as you go. This means you’ll have a lot of smaller, more manageable tasks to tackle, rather than a huge one that will often take hours to finish.

When it comes to your weekly clean, you’ll only have smaller jobs to combat, making it a much more bearable task. We recommend focusing on individual rooms as you go, as the thought of cleaning an entire space can often feel stressful. A cleaning schedule can be beneficial as well, where you make an effort to tidy up throughout the week, then implement certain cleaning tasks on set days.

cleaning in progress sign

Don’t make your space a hazard, clean as you go to avoid tackling an overwhelming job.


Our friendly team of experts have been providing contract cleaning services since 1973 and pride ourselves on our customer service, professionalism, and quality results – so if you’re looking for a fantastic commercial cleaning company, contact us today for a free quote tailored to your unique requirements.