“I recently had the opportunity to visit my dad’s old Rotary Club in Perth. I took my mother who is 86 this year and still has the drive of a young person.

Last year she was awarded an Order of Australia for her voluntary service to music, and there was a young speaker she wanted to listen to at the Club who had been kidnapped from Africa.

The speaker was converted and trained to be a child soldier. He had escaped Africa with his family, and his father was also with him on the night to field questions at the Club.

Sitting opposite me was a younger person who asked what I did for a living. “Cleaning” my mother cut in, and she explained how my mother and father started the business in their bedroom nearly 50 years ago, using a “type-writer” to do the invoices.

It is hard to get good cleaners these days” the young manager whose name was Tracy, said.

I agreed and said we were lucky in the main, and had great staff, even though it is getting tougher to find people.

I am lucky at home and at work then” she added.

You have a good cleaner at your workplace as well then, as I enquired as to where her office was.

Yes, we do, her name is Geraldine, and you can’t have her! Geraldine is one of our trusted and long term (12 years of service) office cleaning employees.

In fact, she had only just been out to our office to receive her badge, a certificate and her name is now on our Honour board.

When Mum and I left the dinner, Tracy hugged me, and I was flabbergasted, as I had never received such a warm reception after talking “cleaning” to anybody.

It was very special as I realised that our cleaning business is not just about our family anymore and that many wonderful people have taken ALLCLEAN to the next level.

We have recently celebrated with a dozen of our staff that have completed 10 years of service. Each of them has a rich history with us, for example, one of our clients had to close their business for a large part of 2020 but they insisted we invoice them and continue to pay our cleaner as if they had gone to work for almost a year!

ALLCLEAN has so many of these wonderful moments that we have shared with our unique, talented, and loyal staff over our 50 years of contract cleaning in Perth.”

Tony Russell
Managing Director at ALLCLEAN

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