ALLCLEAN Property Services Plus has been in operation since 1973, servicing commercial and industrial workplaces in Perth ever since. In the near 50 years since our inception, we’ve grown to over 300 staff and have created and fostered countless positive client relationships.

As a family owned and operated Perth cleaning company, we recognise the immense value of every team member and thank them for our reputation and award-winning services.

That being said, what do our team appreciate about working with ALLCLEAN?

Company Values

Being a family-owned company, ALLCLEAN has crucial values built into our workplace. Our integrity, respect, and high standard of ethics are shared with both our clients and our staff at every level. The friendly team culture and open communication between cleaners and management is an important factor of our success.

Learning and Nurturing Valuable Skills

The staff at ALLCLEAN get to experience a range of commercial, industrial, and maritime work settings, where the cleaning environment and strategy varies.

Through our industry accreditations, all cleaning staff are kitted and trained in the most advanced commercial and industrial cleaning standards. These are especially valuable to preventing the spread of COVID-19.

This regular training is offered to advance the skillset of staff members, ensuring everyone receives opportunities for personal development.

“We foster loyal and stable employees from cleaning staff, support staff and management.”

-Mark Mendez


“ALLCLEAN provided me with an opportunity to utilise a new skill set, one that I had not fully utilised in my career previously…

Without ALLCLEAN Property Services Plus, I would not have gained the experience I now have, and I am immensely grateful and look forward to the future.”

-Colin Eggleston
Safety Manager

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Ongoing Support

We care deeply about the wellbeing of our staff, as a result, we have measures in place to ensure everyone receives the support they need.

To begin with, our Employee Assistance Program provides free in-house counselling services for staff to call upon if they need a helping hand with life’s troubles. If some alone time is preferred, we have relaxation facilities to provide staff with a much-needed rest.

When on-site, the contract managers are available to nurture and guide their teams to work together to achieve great results for our clients. These managers are highly experienced and carefully selected to bring the best out of their valued team.

Career Progression Opportunities

At ALLCLEAN, we know how important recognition is to our staff. That’s why we implemented the 21 Employee Excellence Awards, which are designed to reward and encourage the performance of our staff at all levels.

In time, hard-work and experience may be rewarded with new responsibilities and promotions. Take Nicole for example, who went from cleaner to site supervisor, to contract manager.

“I bring with me to this new role the experience in leading a large team of staff that achieved great things for our client.

I have a lot to learn but I am excited for my future with ALLCLEAN and thank everyone I have worked with for your assistance over the last 9 years and in my transition from cleaner to Contract Manager.”

-Nicole O’Neill
Contract Manager

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Allclean team

Join the Team

Thanks to our premium cleaning services, there are always new clients to work with. As a result, our team constantly needs to expand to maintain the demand.

If you’re chasing a new work environment, rewarding career opportunity, or any of the benefits above, consider a position at ALLCLEAN Property Services Plus.

To see our current job listings or to apply now, follow this link.